Võ Đường Chính Nghĩa

Nội Dung

It is 1963 and the Yuan Clan Martial Arts Association is in turmoil. Clan head Yuan Zhen Fei suffered several personal tragedies; his wife suffered brain damage and their son Chen Xi was killed in a road accident. Several of his former disciples have gone rogue and now want to usurp him as head. Unknown to Zhen Fei, his wife had an affair with Song Zhi Zhong and had twin boys. To cover up the affair, she took one twin, Chen Xi, while Song took the other, Ya Zai, and moved away to Malaysia. Song Ya Zai is a fisherman who lives a contented life without ambition for fame or fortune. By circumstance he was taken into the Yuan clan as he was mistaken for Chen Xi but is eventually accepted by Zhen Fei. Zhen Fei’s rogue disciple Duan Tian He has been wrecking havoc around town by using his martial arts skills for evil purposes with the intent of unseating Zhen Fei as head. Ya Zai soon finds himself in the middle of a long and bloody family feud between his ancestral clan and the Yuans. When his sweetheart Wanyi dies in the bitter struggle, a distraught Ya Zai decides he has had enough of the fighting and exiles himself to a small village. However a local tycoon has been eyeing the villagers’ land and hires Duan Tian He to chase them out by force. Ya Zai defeats Tian He and kills him but the family feud has reached a boiling point. Another of Zhen Feis former disciples Ou Jian Feng devises a complicated to plan to end it once and for all. Can Jian Feng and Ya Zai put to bed a long-lasting animosity and hatred?

Võ Đường Chính Nghĩa

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Source : http://vuaphim.net/phim-vo-duong-chinh-nghia-4010.html


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